Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I have the bestest husband EVER!

Okay, so I know that everyone thinks that their husband is the best, but I truly have the best husband! He does so much for me. I have school all day, then work, and lots of homework. I get stressed so easy. Since, Adam's off track he works sometimes during the day and sometimes in the evenings. Well, when he's home and I'm busy he cleans the house (he even makes the bed), he cooks, he does laundry, he even grocery shops sometimes, and he comes on campus to bring me lunch almost everyday. Plus, he's taking one class in the evening and playing soccer and ultimate frisbee! We are busy busy busy. When he comes home from work, sometimes he'll bring me an Arctic Circle shake. It's sooo good. Today he brought me fries because I've been craving them for a long time! I'm a lucky woman! I can't believe I found someone that is so good to me! He's truly an angel sent from above! I love him very very much! I can't believe that I get all eternity with him! Now that's truly a blessing!

Our First Halloween

We bought our first pumpkin together and it was HUGE! 32 lbs! I love it! Adam and I carved it, I was sooo excited!
 Our 32 pounder

This Halloween we talked about what we wanted to be, and we couldn't figure anything out so last minute we got together's not as cool, but it'll work. We'll just have to do better next year.
 Adam was a Ninja!
 I was the Devil
I love holidays! I'm super excited to spend the holiday season with my new hubby! We can start making our own traditions as our own little family! <3

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starting A New Life

6 days ago Adam and I were sealed in the Nauvoo Temple. A lot of both of our families were able to attend. The next day my parents threw us a great reception! They decorated everything and made sure everything was perfect for Adam and I. We all had a great time. We are excited to have been married and can't wait to start our life together, just the two of us, when we get back to Rexburg for school.