Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Small Gesture

Today was a bad day. A lot on my mind and being pregnant made it emotional. My wonderful husband, Adam, didn't know what was wrong but he held me tight and wouldn't let go. He showered me with hugs and kisses. I then had to go off to work. When I came home I gave him a small kiss, went to the bathroom for the millionth time today and started on dinner. He stared at me and mentioned I hadn't noticed yet. Noticed what? I then looked around my small apartment, everything looked the same. 

THEN I noticed a BeAuTiFuL red rose sitting on my table. My sweet Adam then came over and hugged me and gave me a kiss. This small gesture of buying me a rose made all my troubles wash away and it became a GOOD day.

I truly do LOVE Adam Harrison Patton!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Here lately I have been getting little sleep. Last night I got approximately 1 hour of sleep. I can't get comfy, pillows don't work, and my son that isn't even born yet likes to keep mommy awake! Not to mention this is affecting my dear husbands sleep. Adam is so great that he rubs my back and holds me close even if it is 3:30am. If ANYBODY has ANY suggestions please let me know. Otherwise I'm going to ask my doctor for sleeping pills on Monday because if this doesn't get fixed I am going to become a dead and grumpy zombie walking! No wants that. It will be a long 9 weeks if it doesn't get fixed.