Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Happenings of the Patton's

         We've been super busy lately. Adam has been working hard at his job, taking 9 college credits, upholding his  church calling, and being a wonderful husband and dad. I have been taking care of kids, upholding my church calling, and taking a cake decorating class. Kaleb has been learning a lot of new words, potty training, and being such a good big brother to Keegan. Keegan is 5 months old now. He has learned how to roll over and he's learning how to scoot a little bit. He's been eating baby rice cereal, but today was the first day he had real baby food. He loved the sweet potatoes. 
          Both of the boys have coughs and colds which isn't fun for anyone. My older sister is a photographer and she did our family pictures which turned out amazing! She's so good at what she does. We went to the zoo this week. The two best things were first a polar bear was playing with a big water tank and then we went into a closed in area with lorikeets which would land on us. One of them started chewing on my sisters straw.                     
         We are all pretty excited for the holidays coming up. We have a halloween pumpkin carving family get together tomorrow, we are going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving to spend with my grandparents, and for Christmas we are taking a very LONG road trip to Kilmarnock, Virginia to spend with the Patton's. We can't wait to see everyone! Keep your eyes open for new updates on holiday activities.

Keegan likes to sleep with the blanket over his head. It helps him sleep

Mommy playing frisbee with Kaleb

Kaleb has really started to love reading books.

Daddy and Keegan taking a nap

Keegan all dressed for the cold weather. 

Adam was measuring the wall for something and Kaleb wanted to be like his daddy.

Keegan at the zoo.

Kaleb and Uncle Coco watching the polar bear.

Polar bear playing with water jug.

Lorikeet eating the straw

Keegan after his first encounter with baby food.