Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Full and Happy Life

This week we had Kaleb and Adam's birthdays. I still can't believe Kaleb is 2 years old now. He's getting so big. We even started potty training him the day before his birthday. He's done pretty good. He had some real rough days, but like today he's had awesome days! Kaleb got some neat stuff for his birthday: mini trampoline, sit n spin, booming balls, lincoln logs, cars, lawn mower that blows bubbles when pushed, and an outfit. Adam has been getting into  fishing so I got him a fishing pole and all the other little things that go in a tackle box. He also got a couple of books from his mom.

This Sunday, Adam and I both are giving talks about revelation. Adam seems pretty excited, but I hate giving talks. I get terrified. I always plan on speaking slowly and loud, but I've been told I speak super fast and quietly. I'm also one of those people that have to have the talk written out word for word and read it otherwise I freeze. Adam on the other hand has a half piece of paper with a few words and wings it. It's ridiculous. We have also been called as the ward missionaries which is kinda exciting.

We went to the Johnson County parade and fair last weekend which was fun. We couldn't do the rides or anything because the kids are still too young. Keegan is 3 months today. My how time flies. It seems like he was born yesterday. Keegan is in his own room now which is hard for me. My best friend from growing up had a baby 1 month before I had Keegan so we got together for a play date.

Aunt Shelby and Daddy helping Kaleb with his birthday cake
Adam and his birthday cake
Pappy and Kaleb at the parade
Nana and Keegan at the parade
Kaleb watching the horses in the parade
Kaleb potty training
Keegan playing

Kaleb cheesing it up for the camera

Kaleb after his bath

me rocking my sweet Keegan
Weston and Keegan holding hands on their playdate