Friday, April 29, 2011

FDREL 212 Assignment 2

Choice 2: Acts 16; 18. Paul’s Second Mission

  1. Trace Paul’s second missionary journey from Bible Map 13.

Read Acts 16:6–10; 18:9–11. Write a paragraph explaining the different ways the Holy Ghost directed Paul and his companions during their journey.    
In reading Acts 16:6-10 it talks about how Paul went through all these different cities and there was not any success. One night Paul had a vision that he must go to Macedonia because there was a man that prayed for help, the town needed him. The very next day they headed to Macedonia. The Holy Ghost directed them to who needed them most. In Acts 18:9-11 it talks about how Paul had another vision at night that he will be protected by the Lord, and how Paul should not be afraid. After this Paul stayed and taught the word of God for a year and a half. The Holy Ghost knew what Paul’s fears were and then comforted and reassured him in knowing God will protect him.
Write a second paragraph describing how the Spirit has directed your missionary efforts, and one way you could be more directed by the Spirit in your life.
        In my life I have not had any incredible missionary stories. The things that have happened have been small in comparison of many others. In high school when people would try to argue with me about my religion that they had no knowledge about would really make me angry. In those situations I would feel comforted, and I would calm down because I know the truth. Even if the others did not believe me, I know it is true and that is all that matters. One way that my life can be more directed by the Spirit is by listening closer about decisions that need to be made. I know it this does not have to do with missionary work, but I am having my first baby, and listening to the Spirit can help me to know how to raise my child because I have never been a parent before. It is scary and I hope that the Lord will help me out through the Spirit.
  1. Review Acts 16:9–33. Make a list of the reasons Paul was able to preach the gospel so effectively.
·         Followed the Spirit
·         Taught the gospel on the way to his destination
·         Prayer
·         Continued to worship God even when persecuted
·         Sang praises to God
·         Preached to the jail keeper while in jail
·         He was optimistic
·         He didn’t let the wicked destroy his happiness
  1. Then in writing answer the following questions:
    • In what ways did Paul turn his experiences into missionary opportunities? Paul sang praises to God in jail and then he eventually preached the word and baptized the jail keeper.
    • What can you learn from Paul’s missionary experiences? No matter what happens we need to remain faithful even if we are in bad circumstances, God will help us.
    • How does Mosiah 4:9–10 expand your understanding of Acts 17:30–31? In Acts we have been reading about how Paul has had faith in and understood that God is in power. He teaches the word of God to everyone that will listen, he tells them to repent.  In Mosiah it talks about how God is the creator of this world, He knows all. It also talks about how we need to repent and humble ourselves then our Creator will forgive us.
    • What can you do now to better prepare yourself to share the gospel, whether as a full-time missionary or as a member? We need to become more Christ-like, and listen to the Spirit. Follow what the Spirit tells us rather than ignoring it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our First Easter

April 24, 2011 was Adam's and mine first Easter together. I absolutely love Easter for these reasons:
1. The true meaning of Easter, the resurrections of our Savior. Usually, I love going to church on Easter Sunday, but this year not so much. You see I hurt my butt, okay, my tailbone, so it really hurt to sit down. I couldn't get comfy so I didn't really pay much attention to anything at church.
2. The Easter egg coloring. I had to practically beg Adam to let us color eggs. He hasn't done it for a few years, and doesn't see the point of wasting eggs for coloring them. I told him you can still eat them afterward. Of course I won and the day before Easter my honey and I colored eggs. We had to experiment with food coloring, water and vinegar because Walmart ran out of the kits. 

3. The Easter candy (whopper eggs, peeps, and the jelly beans). I really love Easter candy, so before it was even the middle of March we had peeps, by end of March jelly beans, and then for Easter we had whopper eggs! 

4. My favorite holiday dinner, Easter dinner. I made a big Easter dinner, and our friends Aaron and Jennifer Salgado came over to enjoy this meal. The best part is I made extras for left overs, so I can have my favorite holiday meal over and over again! haha

Jenn made the bunny cake!
5. My all time favorite thing about this Easter was none of these things. It was the fact that I got to spend it with the love of my life, my honey, Adam Patton!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

FDREL 212 Assignment

For class we were assigned to pick one of the choices to answer for the reading we did this past week.

Choice 6: Acts 12. Herod and Peter

Read Acts 12. Compare and contrast the two main characters. Complete the following chart:

Herod, the King

Peter, the Prophet

What motivated each of them?

To please the Jews

The church, God
How did they deal with others?

He killed them

Prayed to God non-stop

How did God deal with them?

An angel of the Lord smote him and he was eaten by worms
An angel of the Lord smote him and then helped him escape prison, delivered him out of the hands of Herod.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Very Active Baby

Here in the last week and a half Kaleb has decided to really kick it up! Literally! I have been feeling Kaleb move and kick me for a while now, but lately its uncontrollable. He kicks me all the time! Especially when I'm exhausted and I'm trying to sleep, he is WIDE AWAKE kicking like nobody's business! I love feeling him kick, but there is a time and place for it. The time and place for it is not during my time for BEAUTY SLEEP! I have a feeling little Kaleb is going to be a very very active baby boy!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

busy, Busy, BUSY

Adam and I have been very BUSY people. Here's why!
1.  Adam is finishing up the Winter 2011 semester this coming week loaded with finals. He's been doing really good in school. He got a 100% on his first final he took! I'm so PROUD of my man! He's worked so hard this semester.
2. I have a paper I have to write that is as long as and quality of a general conference talk for my Book of Mormon 2 online class. I think it is a little ridiculous, but it is supposed to be like a final for me.
3. Both Adam and I are working part-time. Adam works at Arctic Circle as a supervisor cook and I work at Journey's as developmental para professional working with children and adults with disabilities.
4. We also have the everyday chores to do around the house.
5. We are getting prepared for baby Kaleb by going to doctor appointments and buying things occasionally. Thanks to my sister-in-law Alison Martinsen I didn't have to buy very many maternity clothes.
6.Finally, we ALWAYS make time for each other every day.

Adam and I are going to get BUSIER. Here's why!
1. Adam and I are both starting the Spring 2011 Semester in 2 weeks. I'll be taking my first 7:45am class which will be the death of me. I'll be getting my associates in July, and Adam will only have one semester and an internship left after the Spring semester.
2. Adam and I are both going to be working part-time. I'll be done working with the hardest girl in the facility once school starts in 2 weeks!
3.The continuing of everyday chores to do around our home.
4. We have a lot to do this next semester to get ready for our SON, Kaleb. We have many more doctor appointments, getting the rest of the stuff we need, getting prepared to be parents for the first time. We're excited though!
5. Somehow during all this craziness we are going to ALWAYS make time for each other every day!