Friday, March 16, 2012


Yesterday Kaleb had his neck surgery to remove a big lump from his neck. Originally the doctor thought it was a Teratoma. When the lump was removed it ended up being a very large and very hard lymphnode which is not normal at all. There are very few things that cause this. One being lymphoma cancer. They sent the lymphnode for testing to a pathologist. We'll hopefully know the results by Monday.
Kaleb waiting to be taken back for surgery
Kaleb sleeping after surgery (blue foot is where the ivy is)
Still sleeping
 On the right side of his face, Kaleb got needles poked into him for monitors during surgery.
Some of Kaleb's stitches. It was hard to get this picture without hurting him. I counted and total he has 10 or 11 stitches.

Kaleb's done ok. Yesterday when we got home he slept all day. He would wake up to eat for like half an  hour and then fall asleep again. He is eating pretty slow, but at least he's eating. He wants to play now, but he tries and then cries because it hurts him. So far today he's just been super fussy. Poor little guy!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kaleb's Little Life

 Kaleb had his first noodle. He loved eating it, but half of it was outside of his mouth...

 He was so tired. He was sitting next to me and fell asleep so I just let him lay down. Poor kid.

 Kaleb crawling on the counter. He doesn't actually crawl yet. He gets on his hands and knees and doesn't know what to do. He wanted the BIG Hershey's bar.

My sweet boy is gonna be a pianist. This is his piano that he loves, but every time he see's a real piano he likes to bang on it.

This weekend we went to the pool and Kaleb absolutely LOVED it, BUT I forgot the camera! UGH! Oh well next time we'll get pictures.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kaleb On The Move

Kaleb is on the move! Well, he's trying really hard to be on the move! Kaleb is always trying to crawl. He gets SO close then he face plants. Poor little guy. He is always pulling himself up on things because he also really wants to walk by himself. We hold him up and he's walking like there is no tomorrow. Since he can't crawl  or walk just yet he rolls and scoots himself where ever he wants to go. Kaleb has this fun dinosaur toy that Aunt Donna got him for Christmas and he likes to try and stand up on it. It's adorable. I don't think it'll be much longer before I have to guard cabinets from him emptying them. We're excited for him to be able to start crawling.
If the little man wants something...he will go and get it. What's with babies and technology??