Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our First Vacation

Adam and I had the pleasure of taking our first mini vacation 4th of July weekend. 

July 2 - Saturday morning we left early heading to Salt Lake City, Utah. When we finally got there we started looking at sights immediately. Later that night it took us 45 minutes to find Golden Corral which we finally got to and I wasn't even excited to eat there anymore. I was too hungry to care where we went. Then we asked the waitress directions to get back so we wouldn't get lost again...that didn't help. It took us 30 minutes to get back to the hotel. 

July 3 - Sunday we stayed at the hotel all day because it's Sunday and all the sites are closed. We watched enjoyed having tv because we don't have it here at home. We went to Wendy's for dinner. 

July 4 - Saturday we headed out for more sights. We had a blast. We then headed back to Idaho Falls for the firework show that was supposed to be the best on this side of the Mississippi river! It was awesome! I haven't seen a firework show that cool ever! While waiting for the firework show to start we laid in the grass talking, people watching, and playing UNO. It took us a long time to get home because traffic and because we were told to go another way which would take us away from traffic but it was weird, lots of constructions, and a longer route. Oh well. We finally did make it home at 12:00am. 

We had a blast. It's back to school. Ugh...only 3 more weeks left! 


  1. What a fun trip. I love SLC. You guys are such a cute couple.

  2. It was super fun! Thanks! We think so too! haha :)