Monday, March 5, 2012

Kaleb's Little Life

 Kaleb had his first noodle. He loved eating it, but half of it was outside of his mouth...

 He was so tired. He was sitting next to me and fell asleep so I just let him lay down. Poor kid.

 Kaleb crawling on the counter. He doesn't actually crawl yet. He gets on his hands and knees and doesn't know what to do. He wanted the BIG Hershey's bar.

My sweet boy is gonna be a pianist. This is his piano that he loves, but every time he see's a real piano he likes to bang on it.

This weekend we went to the pool and Kaleb absolutely LOVED it, BUT I forgot the camera! UGH! Oh well next time we'll get pictures.


  1. He has gotten so big. Thats great he loves the pool, it seems either they love it and try to drown themselves because they have no caution or they think they are going to die if they get a toe wet.

  2. haha yea he definitely wasn't complaining. He fussed when we took him out though. I have a feeling he's gonna be just like Adam when it comes to water. Lovin every bit of it.