Thursday, June 21, 2012

FUN and NOT so fun

In two days Kaleb will have been cancer FREE for one month! I know it's only one month, but one month is one month remission!

This past month has been busy, but we've also had some fun times too.

Some FUN things we've done:

* Adam and I went on a date to a Bill Cosby show on BYU-Idaho campus. This was AWESOME! Bill Cosby is hilarious!

* We had a chocolate fondue party with a group of friends. There was a fundraiser with Scentsy and Velata to help out with Kaleb's medical expenses and the lady that was running it sent us a fondue warmer and chocolates. It was a ton of fun!

* We've taken Kaleb to the free kid splash park. The first time we went to the splash park Kaleb didn't want anything to do with it unless I was holding him. BUT the second time we went Kaleb inched his self toward the water and he had a blast. He started to shiver so I had to take him out of the water which he did NOT like that.

* Adam had a job interview with Myer and Stauffer LC. We are still waiting to hear back from them.

* Father's day was a great day. I had made a cake for Adam that looked like a hamburger. Kaleb and I got him a drill, some drill bits, and a dad shirt.

Some NOT so fun things:

*We all got sick. Enough said.

*A lot of drama at Adam's work. Adam's the manager at Arctic Circle and he's really good at it, but he now has to deal with all the problems so work ends up coming home with his sometimes.

* Adam's been SUPER busy with school and work. School is starting to come to a close. A month from today Adam will be a BYU-Idaho graduate with a BA in Accounting and a minor in business finance. So he's been so busy with homework and getting ready for graduation.

* I've had a lot of my RSD flare ups. I have had really bad flare ups in my head and my arm for the past 1 1/2 and it causes a lot of pain so I don't do much when the flare up comes.

In any case it's been a good month. Please pray that Adam gets this job he's applied for. Sorry there are no pictures. I can't find the camera cord. I'll post pictures when I find it.

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