Monday, January 31, 2011

Is it summer yet?!

I know that it is only January 31st, but Is it SUMMER yet?! I cannot stand the COLD! I want it to disappear!  Everyday I sing the song:
     snow, snow go away don't come back another day!
I don't know why I chose to come to school in Rexburg! The only thing good that has come of it is Adam! I want to move some place it is 85 degrees every single day all year round! The worst thing is, when it IS summer, Rexburg still won't be that HOT until August! I'll be having a baby in August, so I'll be INSIDE! UGHHH!! It'll still snow in JUNE! RIDICULOUS! I want to see grass! I want to see flowers! I want a tan! I want heat! I WANT SUMMER!
              Why can't it be SUMMER yet?! 


  1. YAY for the update!! Love the new look too!! See it wasn't that hard to do it :)
    As for the 'why can't it be summer' sorry, cuz I'm ready for summer too!! It'll be here before we know it...but yes I know...NOT soon ENOUGH!! Love You TONS!!

  2. Prediction: Soon you will have your own personal little summer. You'll be hot before August!