Friday, February 25, 2011

$5 Buffet at Craigos

 Our friends Jennifer and Aaron Salgado invited us to go to the $5 buffet at Craigo's on Thursday night! For those that don't know what Craigo's is, it is a really good pizza buffet that has pizza, salad, pasta, a huge cookie monster dessert things along with dessert pizza! 

We hang out with these two wonderful people at least once a week. When it doesn't happen it doesn't feel like the week has been completed! I met Aaron while working at BYU-I Crossroads in the Fall Semester of 2010. He was the one that told us about  the apartment we live in now, and we all became good friends. Aaron and Adam keep telling Jen and I that we are too much a like. :)
This is me and my honey! He really eats too much pizza. He was complaining about being too full after we left. This happens every time we go to Craigo's. I love him very very much!

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  1. You guys are wonderful and such great friends thanks for always being there!