Saturday, April 2, 2011

busy, Busy, BUSY

Adam and I have been very BUSY people. Here's why!
1.  Adam is finishing up the Winter 2011 semester this coming week loaded with finals. He's been doing really good in school. He got a 100% on his first final he took! I'm so PROUD of my man! He's worked so hard this semester.
2. I have a paper I have to write that is as long as and quality of a general conference talk for my Book of Mormon 2 online class. I think it is a little ridiculous, but it is supposed to be like a final for me.
3. Both Adam and I are working part-time. Adam works at Arctic Circle as a supervisor cook and I work at Journey's as developmental para professional working with children and adults with disabilities.
4. We also have the everyday chores to do around the house.
5. We are getting prepared for baby Kaleb by going to doctor appointments and buying things occasionally. Thanks to my sister-in-law Alison Martinsen I didn't have to buy very many maternity clothes.
6.Finally, we ALWAYS make time for each other every day.

Adam and I are going to get BUSIER. Here's why!
1. Adam and I are both starting the Spring 2011 Semester in 2 weeks. I'll be taking my first 7:45am class which will be the death of me. I'll be getting my associates in July, and Adam will only have one semester and an internship left after the Spring semester.
2. Adam and I are both going to be working part-time. I'll be done working with the hardest girl in the facility once school starts in 2 weeks!
3.The continuing of everyday chores to do around our home.
4. We have a lot to do this next semester to get ready for our SON, Kaleb. We have many more doctor appointments, getting the rest of the stuff we need, getting prepared to be parents for the first time. We're excited though!
5. Somehow during all this craziness we are going to ALWAYS make time for each other every day!

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