Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our First Easter

April 24, 2011 was Adam's and mine first Easter together. I absolutely love Easter for these reasons:
1. The true meaning of Easter, the resurrections of our Savior. Usually, I love going to church on Easter Sunday, but this year not so much. You see I hurt my butt, okay, my tailbone, so it really hurt to sit down. I couldn't get comfy so I didn't really pay much attention to anything at church.
2. The Easter egg coloring. I had to practically beg Adam to let us color eggs. He hasn't done it for a few years, and doesn't see the point of wasting eggs for coloring them. I told him you can still eat them afterward. Of course I won and the day before Easter my honey and I colored eggs. We had to experiment with food coloring, water and vinegar because Walmart ran out of the kits. 

3. The Easter candy (whopper eggs, peeps, and the jelly beans). I really love Easter candy, so before it was even the middle of March we had peeps, by end of March jelly beans, and then for Easter we had whopper eggs! 

4. My favorite holiday dinner, Easter dinner. I made a big Easter dinner, and our friends Aaron and Jennifer Salgado came over to enjoy this meal. The best part is I made extras for left overs, so I can have my favorite holiday meal over and over again! haha

Jenn made the bunny cake!
5. My all time favorite thing about this Easter was none of these things. It was the fact that I got to spend it with the love of my life, my honey, Adam Patton!



  1. Yea for coloring easter eggs. I need to get to eating mine....

    Your dinner looks fabulous.

  2. I just showed Michael your post and your feast is inspiring him to make deviled eggs with our dyed eggs. mmmm. Thanks. And Adam email me your address. I've lost all my contact information including your phone #. :(