Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Passion, Baking!

It's now the holiday season which means it is also baking season! I know I'm not the only one  that is super excited! Baking is my passion whether it be cakes, cupcakes, breads, pies, cookies, etc. I've already made a few things, but I'm just getting started. I have pumpkin pie bread in the oven as I type. This is only the beginning too. Since I'm gluten free now I get to experiment with new recipes and altering recipes I already have. I've already made this pumpkin pie bread with gluten free flour and it's really good. I've also made a pie crust gluten free and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't my favorite. I'll have to keep searching on that. Pinterest has been a life saver with gluten free recipes. When I'm not sure about something I have my incredible friend Amanda Murphy! Can I just tell you how AMAZING this woman is?! She truly is wonderful! She's probably getting tired of all my random texted questions...hee hee. One day I won't need to text her questions anymore and she'll be sad. ;) I love the smell baking brings into my home. I need good smells because living with 4 males makes my house stinky. They think it's funny too! Stinky boys! <3 Loving Life! <3


  1. Are you doing all of your baking gluten-free now? I would have a hard time making it and not eating it; not enough willpower!

    1. If it's for my family than I do. If it's for something else I don't.