Thursday, January 28, 2016

Life Has Gotten Interesting

Life has gotten a little bit more interesting. I took Kaleb and Rylan to the doctor this morning for their ears which have been  painful. Neither has an ear infection, but Rylan has a bad cold and teething while Kaleb has a TON of fluid in his ears due to his severe allergy to cats and dogs. The doctor said that she hasn't seen that much fluid in one kids ears.

For those that don't know, Kaleb has severe allergies to cats and dogs which is depressing to me as I want a dog so bad. When Kaleb doesn't have his allergy medicine he ends up with black and purple eyes that swell pretty bad, he sneezes a lot, and runny nose. We have tried all sorts of over the counter medicine and only children's allegra helped. Recently my parents watched the boys while Adam and I went on a much needed date. When we went and picked up the boys Kaleb looked like he got punched in his face. He had a nasty black and purple eye and swollen pretty bad. I had given him his allergy medicine prior to going to my parents since they have a cat and 2 dogs. My mom not knowing I gave him medicine, gave him a dose of benadryl and he still had a severe reaction with double dose on allergy meds.

Today the doctor said that Kaleb's allergy is worsening and he can no longer touch or be in the same room as a cat or dog. If the animal is an indoor pet Kaleb cannot be in the house at all. If he is leaving the house to go to the store, church, or school he needs to take allergy medicine or even if someone comes to our house that has animals. The dander on someones clothes bothers him as well. We are no longer able to go to anyones home that has cats and dogs until we meet with an allergist and try to get treatment that will help Kaleb. His allergy is worsening and the meds aren't helping anymore. The doctor is worried that it will start effecting his breathing if we don't figure something out soon.

Life has gotten so much more interesting. It saddens me that we cannot go to my parents home, sisters home or certain friends homes anymore.  At least until we can figure out a better treatment that works. Please pray for Kaleb that the allergist can figure something out.

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